2013 Preliminary Round 1 Bracket


NOTE: If you downloaded these things before about 2:30 pm on Tuesday, please get them again! There was a stupid typo in the first version; many thanks to Katrina Walter of the SD Surge for being more awake than me.

Here are the predicted Round 1 match-ups all pretty-like. Note the numerous disclaimers at the bottom. (Links below inline image for you to download a clearer PDF and an editable Excel version if you want.)

I am still seeking clarification on the home field determination; I know that in Round 2, all the division winners who had a bye in Round 1 will host, but I’m not positive about how it works in Round 1 and I only like to give you information that a) I am confident is accurate or b) I am confident that I totally made up myself. I will repost this stuff once I know what’s what.


Download: PDF or Excel

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