2013 WFA Playoffs – updated Round 1 bracket


Number of WFA games played yesterday: 22.5
Number of those that were shutouts: 11
Number of teams that didn’t know they had made the playoffs until someone else told them on Facebook: 1
Time at which I was really ready for the west coast games to be over so I could go to bed: 11:15 pm EST/8:15 pm PST
Time at which I actually went to bed: 1:30 am EST/10:30 pm PST
Number of people who feel bad for me on that account: 0

Your absolutely unofficial 2013 WFA Playoff Round 1 bracket is below; there are links underneath it for you to download a PDF or Excel version if you’d like. A brief note re: home field – I have noted which team is the home team by my calculations. Please do not book plane tickets or cancel weddings because of what you see there without getting some independent confirmation. You may note that there’s no home team noted for the NY Sharks/Columbus Comets game; according to the numbers I was looking at, unless Columbus automatically travels because they’re the wildcard, I have New York going to Columbus. But that just seems too weird. I haven’t been able to get any definitive wildcard travel rule from anyone, but everyone (including New York and Columbus) seem to think NY is home. I think they’re probably right, I just don’t know for 100% sure.


Download: PDF | Excel

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  1. BSC says:

    Cincinatti Sizzle @ Pittsburgh Passion
    Columbus Comets @ New York Sharks
    West Michigan Mayhem @ Cleveland Fusion
    Tampa Bay Inferno @ Atlanta Phoenix
    Savannah Sabers @ Miami Fury
    Lone Star Mustangs @ St. Louis Slam
    Little Rock Wildcats @ Austin Outlaws
    Utah Jynx @ Seattle Majestics
    Portland Shockwave @ Central Cal War Angels
    Las Vegas Showgirlz @ San Diego Surge
    Pacific Warriors @ Sacramento Sirens

    Matches what WFA site posted.

  2. chrisivision says:

    Love reading your site to find out info about a league that doesn’t supply its own info! My girlfriend is a member of a team in Division 5 and it’s frustrating to not know for sure who has home field advantage in round 2 should they get so far. Thanks so much for putting so much effort into this site and keep up the good work! Maybe if enough people start ranting the WFA will actually do their jobs when it comes to playoff seeding and structure, if they even know what those things mean!

  3. CoPrezDave says:

    Au contraire! We feel sorry for you! Staying up too late is not so bad when you’re on CST, cause it’s not as late, but trying to get updates on a game when there’s almost no information coming in is excruciating! See you on the 22nd at Dilboy!

  4. the militia cheerleader says:

    @chrisivision: I emailed you copious details on the possible home field scenarios for Div 5 in round 2, but should you – or anyone else – have other specific questions, feel free to let me know and I’ll help as best I can.

    @CoPrezDave: Hello, midwestern Militia compatriots! For serious with the no updates thing. Backseat Coach has spent about a year developing a whole underground network on Twitter based largely around getting score updates so that sleep can happen, as – oddly enough – neither the two-year-old nor the six-month-old ever feel like making their own breakfast at 5:45 am. Slackers. See you at the game!

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