A brief list of facts which, while admittedly ridiculous, are making me feel confident about tonight’s epic matchup

  1. Both of the Militia’s last two losses came during away games which I attended while pregnant. I am attending this away game, but I am not pregnant. I checked a few days ago. I am not making that up. So we’re all good there.
  2. This morning on the plane, I told Backseat Coach that while I was making no predictions or plans as such, it did occur to me that if the two teams that end up in the WFA final are Boston and Dallas, then holding that game in San Diego would just be stupid. I suggested a change of locale to a neutral field somewhere between the two cities – Tennessee, for example. Then we land and go pick up our rental car, and here is the license plate:
    Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
  3. When we got to the hotel, I was pushing Scout around in his stroller just checking out the scene and we ran into Cabrera (#54/DL) like right away. How is that NOT a good sign? I mean really.
  4. Scout was hanging out with some of his Militia aunties this afternoon and he was introduced to the General. “What’s Boston gonna do to the Force today?” one auntie asked him. And Scout ATE HIS ANTENNAE. Dude. That’s hardcore.
  5. Here we go, Boston, here we go!

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