A few round 1 notes

analogHoly first week of playoffs, Batman. Forfeits! Upsets! And by that I mean one forfeit and one upset. Or two, if you count how UPSET I was by the games that I couldn’t get mid-game score updates for. (Ha ha heteronym joke.) See inset pic for proof; your Militia Cheerleader obviously likes her some technology, but at heart I am still an analog girl.


Here is a transcription of one moment in the Jynx/Majestics game as announced by the Jynx guy doing the live feed:

And that’s a sack! A sack lunch. A sack. A sack! [pause] A ssssssssack.

Apparently he, like Tiny Coach, is also going through his two-year-old language acquisition explosion, because that’s exactly what our house sounds like right now. (“Hey, get your feet off the baby’s mat.” “Mat! Mat. Mat. [pause] Mmmmmmmmmat.”)


I started to get all worked up over whether Miami or Atlanta would be playing at home, since by all the crazy tie-breaking rules it would be determined by common opponent and that got all effed up when Savannah forfeited. (ATL was leading in point differential going into the first round of playoffs but if the WFA had awarded Miami the full 40 points for the forfeit it would have tipped things Miami’s way even though they ended up with a bye week.) And then I started to harass poor Chicago Jen via Facebook in case she knew something I didn’t when really all the woman wanted was to do her job and go to bed. Which is totally what I should do right now, because damn my kids wake up early and we’re taking Backseat Coach to the Museum of Science for Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day, Backseat Coach! I got you a game against Pittsburgh. It should be here by Saturday.


ETA: Updated bracket here. Updated schedule here. Last night’s scores here. Game recaps/analysis coming soon!

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