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  • Renegade Recon: Sue Quimby (#20, RB)

    Readers of this blog in its prior incarnation may remember the periodic feature “Meet Your Militia“, a series of informal interviews with players. That features continues now as “Renegade Recon”, since my original title (“Reconnoiter Your Renegades!”) was met with firm disapproval. Whatever, haters. So! Let’s do this thing. Confession: when I first learned that […]

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  • Meet Your Militia: Niko (#18, DL)

    For a Japanese translation of this introduction, please click here. Many thanks to my friend Catherine for taking the time to do that; it’s greatly appreciated. Niko chose to answer her interview questions in English, so her answers appear below as they were written. This is the first Meet Your Militia that I have ever […]

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  • Meet Your Militia: Asia (#8, RB)

    OK, so a little more than a year ago I wrote this post, which contained the following: Here’s a recent conversation between Backseat Coach and me regarding upcoming games (certain sensitive information has been removed for security reasons): Me: Do you ever worry about what would happen if ? I mean, what if someone just […]

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  • Meet Your Militia: JC – #54

    I feel comfortable saying that if you attend a Boston Militia game, chances are good that they’ll win. And if they win, chances are good that you will see a very particular post-game ritual: the whole team will gather in a semi-circle in the end zone – the whole team except for one person, that […]

  • mc
  • Meet Your Militia: Penta (#36)


    Defensive back Penta (#36) holds a number of distinctions, but I wish to highlight two of them here: one, she was unanimously voted MVP of the Eastern Conference Championship game by me and Barker’s stepmom and two, she has the coolest grandmother around. (Nanny, if you read this, I’m ready to storm the Boston Globe […]