Cats and kittens and Sharks and ‘dogs

We begin this post with a huge congratulations to Militia OL/DL Big Cat (#95), who brought her little Kitten into the world last night. Kitten represents the first member of the 2011 Militia Baby Brigade, and we wish for her a life of health, laughter and kicking ass like her mama does. Welcome, Kitten!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled post:

So my old buddy Emory Hunt, the Czar of the Playbook, he of the Football Gameplan, posted his pregame analysis of tomorrow’s matchup between the Militia and the Sharks – link here, if you haven’t seen it. Bonus points for the Czar: #28’s last name sounded slightly more like her real last name than whatever he came up with last time. Woot!

The point, however, is that Mr. Hunt predicts a New York victory. And in the “Pick ‘Em – Week 3” thread on the indescribably ridiculous Ning Women’s Football Forum (to which I plan to dedicate an entire post once I figure out how to describe how ridiculous it is), straw poll has three people picking the Sharks, two picking the Militia. (Interestingly, the Entirely Unscientific “WFA Fantasty Football Line” on the NY Sharks website still has the line as Militia by 0.5, but that deserves a whole OTHER post that I am hoping the Backseat Coach will write. HINT HINT, BSC.)

So yeah, despite my whole thing last week about being fine when my team’s up and fine when my team’s down ’cause that’s life and all, the fact of the matter is that no one wants to hear that other people expect their team to lose (unless you’re Margaret Whitton in Major League, which I’m pretty sure you’re not. And if you are: hi, Ms. Whitton! You should totally come to the game tomorrow).

It was actually bothering me more than I expected, until Schwartzie (#78) made this comment when posting the Football Gameplan video on Facebook:

I like being the underdogs, it gives us that much more motivation and makes the victory sweeter! GO MILITIA!!!!

And I thought, what a good freakin’ point! Man, we haven’t gotten to be the underdogs since, like, May of 2008. This is awesome! We’re David! We’re Butler! We’re the Newsies! We’re the 1980 US Hockey team with way better hair!

So I will be at the game tomorrow, rain or shine, there to support my scrappy little rag-tag underdog team of waifs, strays and hoodlums. And by that, of course, I mean the team that’s gone 26-4 since it started playing three years ago.

Just sayin’, y’all. Just sayin’.

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  1. Schwartzie says:

    OMG – just what I needed to get me over the hump of Friday afternoon, so freaking great and funny! Love the obscure references, so can we get a blow up of someone to strip off a piece of clothing for each win? Hello Mrs. Whitton, the ’80’s are calling and Schwarzie’s on hold. Congrats to Big Kat and Little Kitten, spring is truely here! CU SATURDAY with the tartar sauce!

  2. the militia cheerleader says:

    Schwartzie, the post wouldn’t have happened without you! (Although, yeah, how I managed to reference Major League, the Bible, Underdog and Newsies all in one place is even a little beyond me.) So psyched for tomorrow…

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