Adios, IWFL! ‘Sup, WFA? As most people reading this know, the Militia (along with a whole bunch of other teams) jumped ship from the Independent Women’s Football League and are now affiliated with the Women’s Football Alliance, the other major existing women’s tackle football league besides the IWFL.

Your Militia Cheerleader doesn’t know anything about the backstory of this upheaval besides what she has read on the internet and made up in discussions with your Backseat Coach, but that said, I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. I am nervous about the WFA’s ability to support a gigantic league – esp. given that I don’t think there are tiers involved? But I was never happy with the IWFL’s utter and repeated lack of current game and player stats on their website, which to me seems like a pretty basic thing for a league to be on top of…there’s more stuff, too, but it’s kind of neither here nor there for now; I am just looking forward to seeing if the WFA has its shit together a little bit more.

However, because I am a total selfish elitist, I am sad that there are still not enough resources to support a smaller “top tier” league. (Best of the best of the best, sir! With honors.*Sorry, watched “Men in Black” yesterday. ) In my perfect world, this league exists & has the finances to actually fly teams to play each other according to divisions and schedules that make sense and are based on the best interests of the game of football, not on travel budget constraints. These would be routinely kick-ass competitive games which would have a greater chance of attracting media attention and potentially major corporate sponsorship…but hey, that’s just my perfect world. Someday, maybe.

Moving on and switching topics, I ask you this: who in the holy hell thought it was a good idea to have four of the first five games of the season be away games when I will be EIGHT AND NINE MONTHS PREGNANT? I mean, we scheduled our friggin’ childbirth education classes around the game schedule, ferchrissake.*That’s completely true, by the way. How ’bout a little courtesy? Danbury at 37 weeks, my ass.

On a related note: for some reason there does not seem to be a large market in cheerleader-style skirts for pregnant women. However, anyone who thinks I’m not totally researching how to cut & hem long pleated maternity skirts does not know me very well AT ALL.

p.s. As it turns out, Tiny Rookie (or the Player to Be Named Later, which is a MUCH better nickname that Schwartzie came up with) is, with relative certainty, a little Backseat Coach and not a little Militia Cheerleader – and no, he does not have a name yet, so Schwartzie’s nickname is still completely accurate. We’re open to suggestions, although I will tell you now that I am not naming my son Ernie Boch Junior Junior. Sorry.

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  1. Alpo 50 says:

    Thank you for your speedy post!
    As for a name – can his middle name be Champ? I think it is pretty appropriate.
    If it were a girl I would go with Melissa but I don’t have a good first name for a boy for you… yet

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