Meet Your Militia: Dot (a.k.a. the Bus) – #39

Dot with the
2010 Superbowl trophy.
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Once upon a time there was a NFL running back named Jerome Bettis, who earned the nickname “The Bus” due to his ability to carry the ball forward even with multiple defenders riding along on his back. This ability (and, thus, this nickname) also belong to Boston Militia running back Dot (#39), whom I have repeatedly watched push forward through seemingly impossible crowds of opposing team members to earn the Militia a first down in crucial situations.

This Bus has another kind of power behind her as well – I had the good fortune to be sitting near Dot’s mom during the Superbowl in Texas last year, and if I ever find myself in a similar situation with the Player to Be Named Later I can only hope to be a fraction of how awesomely and enthusiastically supportive she was. How many moms do YOU know who sing songs about their daughters’ plays on the football field as they happen? Not nearly enough, that’s how many.

Dot was generous enough to use some of her already-scarce free time to be this season’s first Meet Your Militia participant, for which I’m very appreciative. Thanks, Dot, and best of luck at the home opener on Saturday!

What's the point of a touchdown with no touchdown dance?
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What’s the most difficult part of playing football, and what’s the most rewarding?

I think the most difficult part of playing football is the continuous grind. Working a full time job, the multiple facets of preparing for the game can take its toll in a long season. It adds another term to the equation for work/life balance – it becomes the work/football/life balance. For me all the work is worth the most rewarding part of football. Scoring is always great, making the leading block for a score is always great but the best is seeing the face of one of my teammates light up after doing those things. They are my family and the greatest reward is making my family proud.

What differences, if any, do you think will come from playing in the WFA this year instead of the IWFL?

In light of most of the top teams leaving the IWFL, I think the main difference will be the level of competition. We have an opportunity now to prove ourselves against the best teams every game. I also hope that from that comes more notoriety for women’s football.

You’re a seasoned Militia veteran, while a fair number of this year’s running backs are rookies. When you watch them play, can you see yourself when you first started? What are the major changes you can identify in yourself since then?

I can definitely see glimpses of myself as a rookie in the rookie running backs we have this year. You see the will of wanting to perform well but the uncertainty in their movements. No matter how talented you are, it’s definitely a comedy of errors the first time you put on the pads and the helmet. Then it becomes about settling down and trusting in your ability, teammates and coaches. They have definitely come along very well. I’m excited to see them excel and I hope that I can help guide them and be someone for them to lean on.

The core of Dot's fan club: Momma & fiancée Jill.
What is something that’s made you feel supported as a Militia player?

I definitely think the best support anyone can have is that of their family and friends. I definitely have this – I call my mom before every game and she usually gives me a rhyme for the game along the lines of us winning and me running over someone. You have to listen to what momma says so it gets me in good spirits and pumped up for the game. Jill, my fiancée, comes to every home game and some of the away games as well. My co-workers come to games and they like to get updates on how the season is going. The company I work for has sponsored the team for the last four seasons including this one. At work, my desk is a stop on the “tour” of the office for potential clients – I’m introduced as a player for the Super Bowl champion Boston Militia. Our fan base and home crowd is growing each season and we definitely have great dedicated fans.

Click photo to enlarge for full effect. (Also, is the ref, like, having an emotional moment with that player in the background or what? Maybe he's blocking for us?)
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What is something you’d like see happen that would make you feel more supported?

I hope that our fan base can spread to more communities. I believe we have really good coverage in Somerville thanks largely to the Somerville Scout and our home field being in Somerville. Our friends and family definitely spread the news of the team by word of mouth. It would be great if we could get scores reported in the Globe or the Herald and on the local news…possibly even short game summaries. If high school football can get in the news, why can’t we? There are a lot of people who don’t know that the Militia exist. The fact is that we have a winning program that goes unnoticed because people just don’t know about us. If winning games and championships and winning over critics doesn’t ignite interest and create a buzz I’m not really sure what can.

We hear that you recently got engaged (congrats!!). Inquiring minds want to know: will the reception feature Militia karaoke?

Thank you so much; we are definitely excited. I’m not so sure Militia karaoke will make an appearance at the wedding reception, but hopefully it will make an appearance at the bachelorette party!

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  1. Schwartzie says:

    Love it! Get on the Bus for NY!!! Love you Dot!


  2. Mili says:

    Way to go Dot, I will miss sitting by your side in the locker room. I will also miss giving you the high five after a nice run. Congrats on the engagement and I will be cheering you on at the game this weekend..

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