Meet Your Militia: Schwartzie (#78)


Schwartzie (#78) is a two-year O-line player who proves her bad-assery not only on the field but on the dance floor as well. She was also kind enough to be the Pre-Bling-Day Meet Your Militia subject, although if you are Schwartzie (or, apparently, the Backseat Coach), every day is Bling Day.

1. What surprised you the most – or what didn’t you expect – about playing for the Militia (or playing football in general)?

Hmm, what surprised me the most? Perhaps the close friendships that I developed over the past two years – well, that might be what I didn’t expect. I think what surprised me the most was how far I could push myself to become a member of the Boston Militia. As Smash likes to quote me, I was an overweight, out-of-shape 38-year-old who had never played tackle football and now I’m playing with some people literally half my age.

Schwartzie vs. the New England Intensity
Game Face, followed immediately by Post-Game Face

2. You are part of the undefeated 11-0 World Champion 2010 Boston Militia team, and tomorrow you’ll be receiving a Superbowl ring. Can you articulate what that means to you? (Also, do you plan to wear the ring, like, 24/7?)

It’s very surreal and there are times when I still don’t believe it’s true. For me, it’s a great accomplishment; I haven’t come in first for anything since 2nd grade Field Day. To be a part of a Championship team is something that is extremely special and very few people get to experience. I am so going to wear my ring everyday, but I’ll give it a rest at night…don’t need to retain fluid in my fingers.

3. July 10, 2010 marked two memorable occasions: it was the day you guys shut out the D.C. Divas in a massively-anticipated ECC rematch and it was also your 40th birthday. Is there one moment that was the highlight of that day for you?

The highlight of the day was when I saw my Dad in the stands and he was wearing my number (78). But the entire day was awesome: birthday wishes from teammates, walking into the locker room and getting a gameday hug from Cahill, beating the Divas, AND Chocolate Cake shots with the O-line at the afterparty.

Schwartzie signals victory over the NY Sharks in the 2010 Divisional Playoffs.
4. What is something that’s made you feel supported as a Militia player?

I think all the support that Ernie Boch, Jr. has given us has been tremendous. He supports the team with advertising, transportation and outfitting us so we can look professional. Would love to see a little more merchandising, but it’s getting better as the fan base is increasing. My co-workers are always asking about the team, how we’re doing and when the next game is. The residents of Somerville are great by coming to our games. I love it when the kids ask for my autograph. The best was when my friend Sug made a sign and I was in her FAB 5. I like the occasional media events that happen with various radio stations, but I wish they would take it a little more seriously and not ask us about the Lingerie League.

5. What is something you’d like see happen that would make you feel more supported?

I would love to see some sort of blurb in the Sunday papers with at least our score instead of a one-off article at the beginning or end of the season. After hearing that the Kansas City Tribe got to go to Arrow Head Stadium and get announced at one of the Chiefs pre-season games as the 2009 IWFL Champs, I had fantasies about going to Gillette and rubbing elbows with the Patriots O-line, but I’ll settle for more coverage in the mainstream media, both print and broadcast. I would love a cable channel to broadcast the games, that’d be sweet.

Schwartzie the Birthday Girl gettin' down to 'Dancing Queen' after helping to defeat the DC Divas in the Eastern Conference Championship game.
6. Care to defend your apparent addiction to ABBA?

Who doesn’t like ABBA?! It’s such great music; you can’t help but feel happy after you listen to ABBA. Infectious, bubble gum pop with catchy hooks and it’s great to dance to. Yes, I have seen Mamma Mia! the musical six times, but where else can you see ABBA music performed live? I could blame this one on my parents; we grew up with an 8-track (yeah, I’m dating myself) in my Mom’s car, my parents joined Columbia House (really dating myself) and we had four ABBA 8-tracks that we’d listen to constantly. It was better than listening to Nat King Cole and Herb Albert over and over (although, I’m fans of them too).

Coda: We would be remiss in our duties if we featured Schwartzie without also featuring her BAMF tattoo, emphasis on the BA. For reals, yo.

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  1. weiny says:

    schwartzie!!!!! love it.

  2. Alpo50 says:

    You are such a BAMF! I love you Schwartzie.
    More Chocolate Cake tonight!!!

  3. Heidi says:

    As one of your relatives, I am super proud of your accomplishments. I have bragged about you to people. My cousin is a superbowl champion….yea baby! You keep kicking ass!

  4. Leah says:

    I’m so happy for you Kathy! I can’t wait to see the ring!

  5. Karin L. says:

    Congrats! Kathy on your new Bling! You should be proud. Looking forward to our 25th Reunion in 2013 & seeing your bling. And WHo doesn’t like ABBA?

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