Meet Your Militia: Weiny (a.k.a. RJ) #85

Weiny evading Divas left and right during last Saturday's win over DC. © Threepairs Photography

Next up on “Meet Your Militia” is wide receiver/tight end Weiny (the Artist Formerly Known as RJ) (#85), who was generous enough to take on this interview when I probably should have left her alone to prepare for the Showdown in Somerville (hey, did that guy even show up for the damn toin coss? I totally didn’t see that guy there). However, as evidenced from the photo below, I don’t think I did much permanent damage to her concentration, as she is clearly able to simultaneously run circles around defensive backs AND provide further evidence of the Boston Militia’s odd obsession with Lionel Ritchie.

Weiny evading Divas left and right during last Saturday's win over DC.
© Threepairs Photography

1. When you’re on the field during a game, can you hear the snippets of songs that are broadcast over the PA system between plays? Can you hear the announcer?

When I’m on the sideline I can certainly hear the music, and I admit I’ll dance a little. But on the field, it’s like white noise. I’ll occasionally hear a teammate screaming my name or a coach directing me, but other than that I have no idea what’s going on off the field. However, I can definitely hear “Brick House” after the four million TDs Mia scores.

2. If you could invite anyone in the world to one of your games (and have them accept the invitation), who would it be? (I was pretty much thinking “famous people”, but you could say “the Rwandan orphan I’ve been sponsoring through UNICEF” or something and make me feel like a tool, if you wanted.)

Hmmm, that’s a crazy question because there are so many people who I wish could see what we do! I’m gonna have to say Vince Young. He made that comment a while back about football being a “man’s sport” and women shouldn’t play BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’m all about proving people wrong, so I would LOVE for him to be front and center at one of our games…he can even stand on the sidelines with us (if he’s not too scared of people knocking him over).

And maybe Lionel Richie could come sing “All Night Long” for us in the locker room?? The whole team would just die of excitement.

Weiny (together with Samurai (#9)) demonstrates why it's not a good idea to make bets involving post-game celebration wardrobe choices.

3. Often, people’s nicknames bear at least some relation to their given name. Your name is Emily W. and your first nickname when you joined the Militia was RJ. Care to explain?

Well, I’m Jewish. Clearly – my last name is Weinberg. So when I was a rookie, Alpo (also Jewish) started calling me RJ for Rookie Joo (yes, we spell it Joo – this is not meant to be offensive, it’s just us having fun) and it really stuck. People started calling me RJ without having any idea what it stood for, and when they found out they thought it was hilarious. Now, there are only about five people who still call me RJ ’cause I’m not a rookie anymore, but they’re still attached to it. Nowadays it’s Weiny (wine-eey) or more recently Weeny…oof.

4. What is something that’s made you feel supported as a Militia player?

I have some unbelievable friends who are just the biggest supporters of myself and of the team. The ones on your website with the sharks sign reading “Hey little fishies…I’m-a eatchu!!” – THAT’S THEM!!! And many more come to the games or are constantly calling and texting to wish me good luck. Some of them are even considering shelling out the big bucks to come travel with us if (and when) we make it to [the championship game in] Texas so they can be there to cheer us on!! And some of them traveled to DC with us earlier in the season and were the loudest fans in the stands! It’s an amazing feeling knowing I have people in my life who support me like that.

I also LOVE meeting all the kids at our games who are so excited to watch our games and meet us. At our most recent game, I had a 9-year old girl approach me asking me to autograph her program. Her parents told me that she found our team on the internet all by herself. Apparently her dad had told her she should go out for cheerleading, which she thought was a horrible idea, so she started searching for girl’s football teams in the area. She found us, asked her parents to take her to the game, and I’m pretty certain that in another nine years, she’ll be playing for the Boston Militia.

5. What is something you’d like see happen that would make you feel more supported?

I would have to agree with Alpo and say that seeing our scores in some of the papers the next morning would be amazing. If all the other professional sports teams are included in the sports section every day, why not add our team to that list? This is not to say that they haven’t done some nice pieces on us in the past, but something more consistent like a score or a game summary would be fantastic! I also think it’s awesome that the Pittsburgh Passion are able to air their games on TV, and it would be fantastic if we were able to do that. Lastly, the day we make ESPN’s Top 10…holy crap.

6. Justin Timberlake: yay or nay?

Well….I was a HUGE NSYNC fan, so JT will always be a yay in my books.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Don’t be fooled, I’m pretty sure I saw Weiny wearing a similar outfit last Tuesday walking in Somerville.

  2. Alpo50 says:

    You will always be RJ to me. Maybe we should have given her the Halloween pic?
    I love my Joo Joo!

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