No no neigh-neigh, hello Cinderella Z’s & updated bracket

This just in: the Lonestar Mustangs, wild card team for Divisions 7, 8 and 9, have declined their playoff spot as not enough team members would be able to travel to St. Louis on Saturday. Enter the Acadiana Zydeco, who would be described here as a scrappy little team with a lot of heart if that weren’t, like, the most patronizing thing I’ve ever said ever. So rephrase that in your head to something else, taking into consideration that last year, the Zydeco were essentially screwed out of a playoff spot when an in-division team folded mid-season and automatically handed the third division team two “wins” in the way of forfeits. So hey! Karma! Personally, I’m psyched to see them in the post-season, and not just ’cause I have a soft spot for Louisiana in general. In fact, I’m so psyched that I don’t even mind redoing the bracket. AGAIN.

Current as of 6/10/13 at lunchtime: PDF | Excel

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