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  • It’s only weird if it doesn’t work

    Your Militia Cheerleader, while not particularly superstitious, has spent enough time in New Orleans to respect the concept of juju – particularly bad juju. After the Chicago game last season, we brought all our pompoms and clackers and cowbells and beads and flags back home, but they had in them some bad juju; obviously we […]

  • the buzz
  • Women’s Football Alliance Game Previews: Playoffs Round 3 (Conference Semifinals)

    Boston Militia #99, Beth Kaleta (OL), faces down a DC opponent.  Photo © Barry Millman, Threepairs Photography

    [Editor’s note: All game previews were written by Backseat Coach, who is really good at stuff like game previews.] The third round of the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) playoffs are the conference semifinals. There are 8 teams remaining; 5 of these teams (Militia, Divas, Force, Surge, Diamonds) are making a return visit from last year. […]

  • mc
  • Omne trium perfectum, yo.

    Three is a good number. I like threes. There are three good Star Wars movies. Three kinds of medals you can get at the Olympics. Three primary colors. Rock, paper, scissors. Seriously, it’s like an actual thing. Threes make sense; they are stable and awesome. So hey, Boston Militia, could you do me a favor? […]

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  • Phoenix finish Fury

    Image © Kim Whetzal, Kimestry Photography. Used with permission.

    [Editor’s note: this article comes to us from Chris Jaunsen, who was kind enough to indulge our request for a recap of the prior round’s Atlanta Phoenix game and then really outdid himself with this one. Can you imagine if we had this for more games? How cool would that be? Thanks, Chris!] Editor’s other […]