Playoff Postcards

Dear Boston Militia Mgmt,

I hear you guys have a game coming up. Maybe you might wanna put something about it on your website sometime. ETA: Done as of this morning. Lovely. (Game time would be nice, tho.)


Dear Arena Football,

You are the football equivalent of just eating dessert. And not even a very good dessert. Like, some Ho Hos or something.


Dear Everybody,

If you know of a way to follow one of this weekend’s playoff games that is not already listed here, wouldja let me know? Thx!


[highlight4]Buzz Alert![/highlight4] Please buzz on over to the Buzz page where we have a guest post recapping the Atlanta/Tampa Bay game. Neat!

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  1. Backseat Coach says:

    @mamarcus17 did a live tweet of the the Zydeco vs Slam game, so it is possible she will do for KC, if she travels. She is the Asst GM, so I think she’ll be there.

  2. Backseat Coach says:

    @msmsl2u is the de facto twitter feed for the Sirens. There is the travel issue, but she is the co-owner of the team, so good chance of being there.

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