Pre-bling countdown!


As the much-anticipated Awarding-of-the-Bling Ceremony approaches, I just wanted to let everyone know that Backseat Coach and I are indeed planning to attend (although “crash” may be a more accurate verb since technically we are not arriving as anyone’s One Designated Allotted Guest). I cannot guarantee that we will be able to rock the whole night away, however, and sadly I have to turn down the numerous very kind offers of drink-buying, since our own off-season news is that your Militia Cheerleader and Backseat Coach are in fact expecting a new addition to their family. Estimated arrival is mid-May, which means that – should everything go well – your Militia Cheerleader will be approximately the size of a small planet when the season begins next spring. (Bring on the Militia maternity wear!)

I thought for a while about how to refer to the aforementioned new addition on this site; the simplest thing to do would be to combine our own names but “Militia Coach” is simply inaccurate and frankly, “Backseat Cheerleader” doesn’t necessarily conjure up images one wants associated with one’s firstborn. So we’re gonna go with “Tiny Rookie,” although the accuracy of that is iffy too since a) we do not know TR’s gender yet and b) I have no intention of letting any child of mine actually play football. Are you kidding me? People get HURT playing football. Jesus H. What the hell’s the matter with you.

The far more relevant off-season news, however, is of course the sudden exodus of the Militia and a number of other teams away from the IWFL. Your Militia Cheerleader knows nothing about this other than what’s she read on the Militia website and seen in Google Alerts; I’m not even sure what league they’re playing for now. It’s like the kind-of-WFA? WFA II Electric Boogaloo? I did see it referred to once as “the WFA-associated supergroup”, which you have to admit is pretty awesome.

I’m really hoping more details come out at some point, since the Militia Tactical Assault Team does in fact have a lot of ideas re: promotion in the off-season but it’s difficult to promote a team playing in a league with no name against unknown opponents in an undetermined division, y’know?

But the bottom line is that whatever league the Militia are in, they will rock it (all night long) because that’s just how they roll. Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow night (or tonight, by the time you read this) and cheer up a storm, at least until I fall asleep on Backseat Coach’s shoulder as I have been doing every night at about 8:30 pm.

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  1. weiny says:

    woa!!! congrats on the tiny rookie!!! so exciting!!! i can already imagine all the militia gear s/he is gonna wear!

  2. Alpo50 says:

    MAZEL TOV!!!!!
    Can’t wait to have TR around too!!! =)
    I should have gotten those fabrics, huh?

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