Supplies, plagues, and how I became untrustworthy


A somewhat inclusive list of what we brought to the last Militia game:

  • Two flags (one large, one small)
  • Two Militia beach towels
  • One pair gloves
  • One rhinestone skull and crossbones cap
  • One pirate cowboy hat
  • Three pom-poms
  • One notebook & pen
  • Two emergency ponchos
  • 2013 Militia program
  • Backseat Coach’s trademark necklace
  • Three partial skeins of yarn
  • One set interchangeable knitting needles
  • Sour candy
  • Facepaint
  • One stadium seat
  • Some other stuff
  • One practice jersey (#74)

Here is what we are bringing today:

  • Tiny Coach.

tc-gameday-webYay Tiny Coach! This morning when we were talking about it, however, he was expressing some serious apprehension about attending what he calls the booball game. Upon further discussion, it became clear that he thought he would be asked to PLAY in the game (“As the ball?” – Conway). I think this stems from my (in retrospect, unhelpful) attempt to explain why people who he already knew to be giant would look even MORE giant: “We’re going to see Auntie Kandi! And she’s gonna have these big pad things on her shoulders! They’re ’cause in booball, people bang into each other – boom! Also they wear helmets!”

And frankly, my credibility is at somewhat of an all-time low right now, seeing as how we attended our first seder last night and while I assured him beforehand that the stories wouldn’t be too scary (wtf! they told me it would be toddler-friendly!) there ended up being a surprisingly uncensored version of the ten plagues including the slaughter of the Egyptian first-born. Yay! So my telling him that the booball game should ALSO not be concerning is, perhaps, a bit counterproductive at this point.

So whatevs, we’ll just have to hope that unlimited hotdogs and time without his grabby little brother will make up for being drafted into a full-tackle football game when he’s not quite three years old. See you there!

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