T-minus three days and counting

Well, it’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to start getting anxious about Saturday’s game. Woo hoo! Keep in mind this is no indication that I doubt the Boston Militia’s ability to be awesome – it’s more of an indication that I’m really good at getting anxious about things. Also, despite the Militia’s track record they are, nonetheless, a sports team in Boston and as a sports fan in Boston, I have learned to take nothing for granted. So I don’t.

Here’s a recent conversation between Backseat Coach and me regarding upcoming games (certain sensitive information has been removed for security reasons):

Me: Do you ever worry about what would happen if  redacted ? I mean, what if someone just  redacted ?

BSC: Nah. If  redacted , then  redacted  would totally  redacted .

Me: Ooh! You think so?

BSC:  redacted  yeah, I do.

Buzz Alert! New stuff on the Buzz page! Recaps of all Round 1 games are here! In-depth recap of PGH/Cinci game is here!

Finally, dear whoever reached this site by Googling “cheerleader in backseat”: Ha! Sorry, bro.

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