The United States of AWESOME

So the WFA playoffs are in hiatus for a few weeks while a bunch of players are over in Finland to kick some football ass and bring home the gold at the Women’s World Cup put on by the International Federation of American Football. What’s that you say? The games haven’t happened yet? How could I possibly know that the US will come home victorious like they did in 2010?

Because I’m awake, that’s why. I mean, come on – it’s called American football. It’s right there in the name! It seems unfair, almost. Like if you held the Triwizard Tournament and you invited Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Michigan and UMass Lowell.

So have I crossed the border from confident into cocky? Maybe. But if I have, it’s because I have absolute faith that the women representing my country have the ability to call on all of the talent and knowledge and power that they have worked so hard for at home. It’s because I saw how Team USA pulled a total Avengers Assemble last time and outscored their opponents 201 to freakin’ 0. It’s because if the 41 players that I don’t know are anything like the four that I do, Europe’s in trouble big time. Also, I might be drunk.

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