Throwback Thursday indeed


[Scene: last night at the First Fan Family’s house]

MC: Did you see the promo pic for the game?
BSC: I saw that there was one, but I didn’t really look at it.
MC: Uh huh. Here, look at the awesomeness and tell me what you see. [hands laptop to BSC] BSC: Whoa! Well… you got Brickhouse (retired).
MC: Uh huh.
BSC: You got Molly (retired).
MC: Uh huh.
BSC: You got… is Dot flipping us off?
MC: I think so. I’m pretty sure Cahill is too, though, so maybe it’s a thing.
BSC: #22? who? that’s?
MC: #22’s Hollandberg1 now.
BSC: But that’s [in PA announcer voice] Patty Hefferman (baby-retired).
MC: Yeah. Why’s she so short, though?
BSC: ‘Cause giant Cahill.
MC: …throwing one of the two IWFL balls depicted in the WFA playoff promo.
BSC: Awesome! Why didn’t I notice that?
MC: I dunno. ‘Cause giant Cahill?
BSC: [serious face] Wait a second.

[Stands on chair, gets stack of old Boston Militia program books. Flips through and stops at 2009.]
Click for full size awesomeness.
Click for full size awesomeness.
BSC: Whoa ho! Looks like some serious recycling happened here.
MC: Yeah, man! There’s the same Cahill, and Alpo, and Dot, and…Dot again. Huh. Double Dot. D to the fourth power.
BSC: And yet they didn’t use Bri, right there, who actually IS still on the team.
MC: Oh oh oh! The city! In the background! It’s the same!
BSC: That’s what I was saying – they just recycled the same photo.
MC: And had some art student recreate it in colored beans?
BSC: That’s a photoshop filter, babe.
MC: That’s a BEAN filter is what that is.

1That will only make sense if you saw my Facebook post about it. Sorry if you didn’t. Back to top

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  1. Alpo says:

    How about that throwback IWFL ball?
    The promo video is pretty much the same too (inset new team, delete brawl in background)

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