WFA week 10 game rundown & jamboree

Last week of regular season! Games along with gametime (in EST and local) are listed below, along with notes about playoff implications if relevant. Please note that there may be implications to home field in some of these games but since I still don’t know how that’s being decided, I can’t tell you which ones might matter. Hate that.

Of note: Today’s Let’s Confuse Militia Cheerleader Award goes to the Central Cal War Angels, who put out a press release entitled “Division Title Game!”, which contained the following:

On Saturday June 8 (7pm), at Golden West High School’s Community Stadium, the undefeated Central Cal War Angels (7-0) are taking on former 3-time National Champion the Sacramento Sirens for the Women’s Football Alliance Division Championship. The winner will secure a first round home game in the WFA National Championship Playoffs.

Now hold the phone. Division champ is decided by in-division record, then by head-to-head record, then by head-to-head point differential.

Because their division only has two active teams and the season was bizarre, the War Angels and the Sirens have only played one game against each other: War Angels won, 24-6. So Central Cal has an in-division record of 1-0 to Sacramento’s 0-1.

If the War Angels win by even one point, they are the division champions. In order for the Sirens to be div champs, they’d have to win by more than the War Angels did – namely, 19+ points. So it’s not a winner-takes-all kinda thing.

It’s also ridiculous because BOTH teams will automatically be in the playoffs since the winner and runner-up in that division go and there’s only two damn teams.

As I mentioned above, I don’t know the details of the home field thing but Backseat Coach sent me a link to an article that says this:

King said if the War Angels can beat the Sirens by 22 points they would lock up home-field advantage in the postseason, and the possible three ensuing games would be played in Visalia.

First, whoever wins that division gets home field in the first game, because it’s a “blue” division. So that’s Central Cal if they win by anything, and Sacramento if they win by more than 19.

Does she mean that the War Angels would need to win by 22 points to get home field advantage in the second round? I’m gonna see if I can reverse-engineer the home field process to see what those 22 points could represent and maybe THAT will give me some insight? Or maybe Lisa King (she of the War Angels and the WFA) is just as confused as we are, which is kinda evidenced already by that press release. Well, now I know what I’m spending my lunch break doing. Mmm, salad & spreadsheets.

Anyway, the whole game rundown thing is below. As ever, if you see anything inaccurate, please let me know.

VISITOR HOMEGame time (EST)Game time (local)Notes
Cleveland Fusion@Cen. Maryland Seahawks6 pm
West Michigan Mayhem@Chicago Force6 pm5 pm
Columbus Comets@DC Divas6 pmDC needs to win this game or else Pittsburgh is Div champ and they're runner-up.
Houston Power@Austin Outlaws6:30 pm/8 pm5:30 pm/7 pm
Savannah Sabers@Atlanta Phoenix7 pm
Tampa Bay Inferno@Miami Fury7 pm
Boston Militia@Montreal Blitz (interleague)7 pmThis game isn't listed on the WFA site because they're dingbats and instead have some mythical forfeit on Memorial Day weekend that never happened.
Detroit Dark Angels@Pittsburgh Passion7 pm
Jacksonville Dixie Blues@Tallahassee Jewels7 pm
Derby City Dynamite@Tennessee Train7 pm
Cincinatti Sizzle@Toledo Reign7 pm
Tulsa Threat@Acadiana Zydeco8 pm7 pmThe importance of this game depends on the Little Rock game; go read the comments by that one.
Lone Star Mustangs@Dallas Diamonds8 pm7 pm
Nebraska Stampede@Minnesota Machine8 pm7 pm
Little Rock Wildcats@New Orleans Mojo8 pm7 pmIf the Mojo upset the Wildcats AND Tulsa beats the Zydeco, I believe Tulsa kicks Little Rock out of the playoffs.
Arizona Assassins@San Diego Sting8 pm5 pm
Kansas City Titans@St. Louis Slam8 pm7 pmThis game is for the div championship. Seriously, it is.
Pacific Warriors@San Diego Surge8 pm5 pmSurge will be div winners with Pac Warriors as runner up unless Pac wins this game by 20+ points.
Tacoma Trauma@Seattle Majestics9 pm6 pm
Utah Blitz@Utah Jynx9 pm7 pmThe Jynx need to win this game, but I don't think anyone's too worked up about the possibility of that not happening.
Sacramento Sirens@Central Cal War Angels10 pm7 pmCentral Cal is expected to be the division winner with Sacramento the runner-up, but if Sacramento wins by 19+ points, those teams switch places.
Portland Fighting Fillies@Everett Reign10 pm7 pmPortland FF have to win this game or else I have to go back and do a whole bunch more calculations related to Divs 10-13. But I think they'll win.

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