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  • Rozendaal’s Recaps 2015 – Round 2

    [Ed. note: These recaps come to us from DC Divas’ staff writer Neal Rozendaal. As ever: thanks, DC Neal!]

    Click any of the scores to expand the recap for that game:

    D.C. 40, Atlanta 6
    Chicago 49, Boston 18
    Dallas 70, Kansas City 14
    San Diego 57, Seattle 27
  • Massey predictions for WFA Round 2

    Here are the predictions for tomorrow’s games per the Massey Rating system; I prefer this methodology to the pure points one for leagues with teams of significantly varying strength (and not just because of the predicted outcomes :) ).

    [table id=42 /]

  • Rozendaal’s Recaps 2015 – Round 1

    [Ed. note: These recaps come to us from DC Divas’ staff writer Neal Rozendaal. As ever: thanks, DC Neal!]

    [caption id=”attachment_3173″ align=”alignnone” width=”572″]DC Divas defense stopped Miami in their tracks.  [Photo © Douglas Charland; used with permission.]The DC Divas defense stoped Miami in their tracks.
    [Photo credit: Douglas Charland. Used with permission.] [/caption]

    Click any of the scores to expand the recap for that game:

    D.C. 48, Miami 12
    Atlanta 48, Jacksonville 9
    Boston 59, West Michigan 12
    Chicago 71, Cleveland 14
  • Round 2!

    Bracket updated! Schedule is up and I’ll be updating it with details as I have ’em. (If you know something about any audio or video broadcasts, please let me know!)

  • Round 1 bracket (probably!)

    So here’s on top of their game: Ken Massey.
    Here’s who’s not: the WFA.
    Here’s who’s surprised: no one.

    Mr. Massey, bless his wonderful quantitatively-oriented soul, bothered to update the ratings for yesterday’s games overnight so I was able to put the round one bracket together on the plane.

    However, I can’t guarantee to you that every part of it is right, because the WFA has STILL not published ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE POST-SEASON. Sorry for the overcaps there but OMG WHAT THE HELL. So what I’m using is the latest info that was sent to teams mid-season; I have been in contact with multiple coaches & owners throughout the league and none of them have received anything different, so I’m going with it.

    Side note: I can’t tell you anything about the “Regional Alliance Bowl Games”, because see above re: NO INFORMATION. The document just says “top seeds not in playoffs”, so you’d think that would be pretty straightforward — except that on the actual playoff bracket, there is an Alliance Bowl game listed there. What teams are those? How do they get there? Wouldn’t it be nice to know? Will the Regional Bowl games turn into a bracket where they play subsequent rounds and then the two top teams play on championship weekend? Or will those two teams be chosen first based on some criteria none of us know about, and then the Regional games will be the top seeds not counting those two teams? How many questions in a row can I ask? Don’t you think that’s a good question?

    OK, folks. I hope to post some analysis soon re: how yesterday’s games affected the bracket and what we might expect from the first round games, but I have slept for literally four hours since Friday morning so I don’t think now’s the time to do that. If you look at the bracket and there’s something you don’t understand (or that you think is incorrect), please let me know! That’s why I do this. Or, that’s why I do this after a nap.

  • Current playoff ranking/Massey rundown

    American Conference

    Region: Pacific North (Playoff spots: 2)

    Team Massey #
    Seattle Majestics 7
    Tacoma Trauma 17
    Portland Shockwave 22
    Portland Fighting Fillies 28
    Everett Reign 29
    Utah Blitz 36

    Pac North #1: Seattle. Virtual lock.

    Pac North #2: This spot is likely go to Tacoma; they are ahead of the Shockwave and will win their last game (vs. Thee Everett Reign). The Shockwave, on the other hand, are virtually guaranteed to lose against Seattle in their final game. Massey ratings are a fairly complicated algorithm, however, wherein it can be better for you to lose to a strong team than win against a weak one, so I wouldn’t count this one locked up entirely. But I’d be quite surprised if it weren’t Seattle and Tacoma in the end.

    Region: Pacific South (Playoff spots: 2)

    Team Massey #
    San Diego Surge 2
    Pacific Warriors 8
    Central Cal War Angels 10
    Sin City Sun Devils 25
    West Coast Lightning 35
    Arizona Assassins 37
    Ventura Wolfpack 39

    Pac South #1: San Diego Surge all day.

    Pac South #2: Interestingly, this is almost a mirror of the North region: The Pacific Warriors are slightly ahead of the Central Cal War Angels, and will win their final game against Arizona (a low-ranked team) while the War Angels will likely lose to San Diego, the second-highest-ranked team in the league. Again, I think the final rankings will maintain Pac Warriors over Central Cal, but we’ll see.

    Region: Midwest (Playoff spots: 4)

    Team Massey #
    Dallas Elite 4
    Arlington Impact 16
    St Louis Slam 19
    Kansas City Titans 20
    Houston Power 24
    Minnesota Machine 26
    Tulsa Threat 31
    Acadiana Zydeco 33
    Arkansas Wildcats 34
    Austin Outlaws 38
    South Texas Lady Crushers 40

    Midwest #1: Dallas Elite, no question.

    Midwest #2, #3 & #4: Likely to be Arlington, St Louis & Kansas City, but I couldn’t tell you in which order. (I don’t think Houston can do themselves enough good beating South Texas on Saturday to displace any of those guys.)

    National Conference

    Region: Northeast Central (Playoff spots: 2)

    Team Massey #
    Chicago 5
    West Michigan 12
    Indy 13
    Detroit 21
    Derby City 30

    NE Central #1: Chicago!

    NE Central #2: Not Chicago! That’s what I can tell you for certain. Beyond that, it’s either West Michigan or Indy. In their final games of the regular season, Indy will decimate Derby City and West Michigan will lose to Cleveland. I feel less certain about this call than either of the Pacific ones, partly ’cause they just flip-flopped in the standings this week. Sorry I can’t tell you more.

    Region: Northeast East (Playoff spots: 3, kinda)

    Team Massey #
    DC 1
    Boston 3 (not eligible for NE East Mid-Atlantic spot)
    Cleveland 6
    Central Maryland 18
    Columbus 23

    If you haven’t already, you should go read the playoff info section about the Northeast East; it explains this in detail. But my guess is that this will shake out as follows:

    NE East Mid-Atlantic #1: DC.

    NE East “#1″: Boston.

    NE East “#2″: Cleveland.

    Region: Southeast (Playoff spots: 3)

    Team Massey #
    Jacksonville 9
    Tampa Bay 11
    Atlanta 14
    Miami 15
    Daytona 27
    Orlando 32

    Southeast #1, #2 & #3: Jacksonsville’s in; of Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Miami, two will go to the playoffs and one will stay home. It seems unlikely that Tampa Bay wouldn’t make it, so now you’ve got Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and either Atlanta or Miami. Wouldn’t want to guess at final order until I looked at who each team’s last opponent is, which I can’t do now ’cause it’s friggin’ one in the morning and I’ve got two sick kids. Sorry for shortchanging you, Southeast. I’ll be back.

    Nothing guaranteed, all opinions my own, don’t book travel, etc. etc.

  • Let’s get this party started.

    And by “party” I mean “absolutely well-intentioned attempt to share and explain the 2015 WFA playoff structure because it’s beyond absurd that no one’s told you this by now forchrissakes it’s already June.”

    So these links are up in the header, but here’s the bracket and here’s the info. They don’t really make sense without each other, so be sure to check out both. And then maybe have a nap or something. I know I want to.

    ETA: Since Massey ratings are so important this year and they’re not necessarily easy to understand, I’ll post a (hopefully) in-depth explanation of who’s currently where and why later tonight.